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First name Analiza
Age 24 years
Country Philippines 
City Cebu City

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hi hello by the way Im Analiza Barredo,female 2xyears old young from cebu philippines,.and im looking for a guy whom i can trust w/, responsible and kind, im interested someone have the interest to communicate me too.,looking for someone special....and i hope u responds to me any time of your willingness to chat,i have a lot of interest. and ill be waiting for ur responds to me here at asian kisses.ok to me love you muahhhhhh,,,,,,,,,.u will know me better if u will hav interest in me...actualy im a simple girl....kind,responsible and im willing to travel outside the philippines...2tally im an outdoors person 4 just a good purposses.. just keep in touch here who knows what tomorrow brings we are here to sudden have a perpect for each or totally match.what do we call that i mean we can have a future will know me better as long as you time for this important transaction...actualy this file have something wrong...much better to based me through personal i must be open minded as well as very eager too.....good luck....for every one of us....GOD bless,,,,,muahhhhhhhhhhh......
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Andy, 47 years: new bit lol got good life and homes looking for someone real who don't ask for money as I WONT SEND NO MONEY TO ANYONE GET IT OKgood man with good heart all you fools that think you can be nice for a short time then turn into asking for help I don't read in to this I am not stupid man ok hope you lazy ladies who try and get a free life gey hold of youeself as I will not send money to you ok hope you understand the real people ok as many ladies here seek this and this is not my culture ok so if its money you look for then don't bother me ok
online Andy (47)
Frank, 63 years
online Frank (63)
Marco, 47 years
online Marco (47)
Egg B Zür
Lady, 29 years: Ordinary woman... and looking for good partner..
online Lady (29)
Yyoo, 52 years: I am a Chinese woman who inheritance title the traditional virtue have by simple eastern female of diligence. with special and outside as well as inside such as be thought , ideal; realm and taste. ...I have ups and downs in life it made me good at learning and draw lessons from the past... like learn new things. Wisdom, gentleness,I am kind-heated, intelligent, self-confident.with a good quality Both of tolerant , sincere, hateful trickster , loyalty, good for others have with the psychological and physical of health ,with a humor and romantic. sometimes I like as own alone at the quiet of feels .like to watch snowscape .I enjoy doing sports ,such as Yoga, Tai Chi ,Jogging, Mountain climbing ,Hiking, play tennis even if do it bad than play badminton. maybe you can make me better .smile... like nature ,enjoy arts and music .I enjoy health and nutrition foods ,doesn't like greasy food. I like cook and enjoy can make food very yummy ... l like the ocean ( Just the sea so far away to me) knowledge is rich, the interest hobby is widespread and versatile .      Life is a gift that precious and short .so a yearning in my heart that I may meet right one for true love by fate and can be concomitant to the end of life that I looking for . I like look up in gazing at each other with a man .some one who has even can be sent regards, a caring, with a true heart ,a pair of warm hands, a pair of steadfast shoulder .I like to travel and I hope him can be shoot more photos for me ,I loves writing and I hope him are frist reader of mine ...hope his heart like the sea, one will contain as leaf boat of me .he is a true gentleman, with a man of his word, no game at all .I ahte cheat .he has a sense of responsibility ,has a fine sense of humour and knows how precious,protect, respect with his woman and can be shares the happy of each other...Maybe he is not best but even fit for me that have a worth of as I gives to him . what if this life I have the one .I have many dreams hope with you cooperate to get the work done make a simple and happy together ...
online Yyoo (52)
Lee, 64 years: I am a Taurus male,I enjoy Golf , fishing and the outdoor. I wouldlove to meet someone who is nice, sweet in nature not ovrly pushy.
online Lee (64)

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